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I Should...

I should write more, more a pity, I should write

I am on the porch for breakfast, cinnamon banana nut (homemade by me), blueberry pancakes with no butter, syrup, maybe I'll try a jam;

       Orange Lime and Ginger Marmalade

Field glasses at the left, ready, focused:  Izzabelle is in the lower bunk, Hugo now at upper.

Placement of glider, trunk and bunk beds moved about since last evening; Hugo in question sniffs and smells as if the world environment is new

Gold finch, American, flitter on the feeder, tops of the flora heads, in the air, dashing through the yard guarded against that object (me), in that space ... (porch)

Morning Glories abound, a female Cardinal on the back fence gone since I wrote of her presence

I want to photograph the 'glories'; 8x10 with TXP

Overcast a the current outside sky, forecast for scattered T-storms, muggy, mummer in the Mid Atlantic; DC

We, I should take an hour to read, to write, to observe the backyard, to breakfast, to scratch my foot, left actually, poetry, meditation, watching the world and that specific, the flora and fauna of the backyard

Extinguish the noise and create my own quiet, listen to my thoughts, watch the graphite spread and form words

I should take a writing class, I should take a general chemistry course, I should learn to  teach, I should learn when to speak and when to keep quiet.

If I write or speak I should learn to edit and only send along completed, thought out ... thoughts, not words of blather or should that read blathered word pig latin speak

Time for poetry reading, bath, ready myself for the lab, dishes, task of clean up

Hugo is soundly sleeping.  Iaazbelle is cat napping but vigilant to noise and sudden movement, to vibration, the breeze, she is aware.