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To develop style, One must learn from others perhaps, one must develop and understand their style even if it is no style what so ever

A rain through the night time hours, those whom love humidity at the (un)comfortable level would be envious of the DC metro area currently

As is normal for this weather pattern, we may possibly enjoy a brilliant flashing about the sky with thunderious applause

Shift of thought:  In developing a style, reading of others is elementry I am told.  Thus to read Hessa - Sadartha as well, the Illiad, daily, poems from many unknown by myself.  I will have to build on this later

My wanted need to write is not the creation of a journal, to me that is a diary

I could jot daily events, sounding more of bitching then a positive attitude of gratitude that I am given this right to do, choose to do

I need to develop and artist statement; the reason, not a banal context of blathered words that equates a line of BS, that few pay attention to

Need to photograph the backyard.