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New World Order:  Went to purchase coffee yesterday, parking in public paid parking, walk to cafe bar, retail shop and people are a variety, they are mixed, they are multinational, multicultural, they are multi-diverse.  The new world in America always present and we have people demanding a fence against a force that is upon this country, a tide we cannot control.  The WASP has lost yet there anger is strong.  We as a collective, eclectic nation must move fore-ward, embrace and let the reality embrace our spirits.

I need an eraser, looking in my bag I discovered I have not; I know where downstairs I've plenty but in and upon initial search through my bag, I discovered I had two squeeze bottles of eye drips.  I've two eyes, it made sense except I could but deliver drops to one eye at a time; I put one bottle away.

Going to fetch the eraser took but ten minutes, many discoveries and adventures abound when you allow...  Found the pressed Lavender flora stem, meed that for physic comfort.

Found an xacto knife that needed to be put away; found water colour dyes to paint a sculpture birds used to close curtains at night and to repaint the sunflower decorative object in the bathroom.  I've been meaning to repaint for a few ongoing years.  Of course, had to cut the eraser which took me to another room with a chore to accomplish, completed, I sit for my morning meal, cafe, reading and watching the clouds change form, shape as they pass overhead.