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A period of time locally, this seasonal weather pattern of uncomfortability.  Humid is a term not used today; "lower temperature" which normally is indicative of a comfort zone -- mentally, I suppose.

The Goldfinch seem not to notice; the heat, the humidity levels, as they infiltrate the yard in their search for sustenance for winter travels, seeking seed from the cone headed flora, the feeder, they are tolerant of my presence, except the two juveniles.  They will mold soon, completely.

The process of nature has begun,

evidenced more so with the male populations, drab loss of colour, rough.

The chatter of Cardinals in the Bradford Pear, music of the Cicada; a slight musical cord from the wind chime, a Cat Birds chimes in:  A WARNING, all flight feathers take wind, they are in the safe haven of the cover... now a 'wren'...