VISUAL PROSE Fine Arts B/W Photography
  Egyptian Walking Onion
  Harris Barn: 2013-2016
  Backyard Flora Series
  Albumen Images In Progress
  Platinum and Palladium Images in Progress
  Silver Gelatin Images
845 N Eldorado Avenue
Klamath Falls Oregon 97601
Platinum* prints on 100% cotton rag fiber paper from your negative 1:1
4X5 ($225), 5X7 ($325), 8X10 ($400)
Palladium* is 30% less expensive.
Albumen* printing from your negative (large format as above, 4X5, etc.)
4X5 ($255), 5X7 ($300), 8X10 ($450);
Albumen is traditionally toned with a gold solution, it can be toned with platinum if client desires a cooler toneality.
(these processes are labor intensive as well costs of the noble metal content)
Silver Printed on double weight fiber paper, test print on RC paper for initial approval.
(5X7 & 8X10 negatives are contact printed; they cannot be projection printed).
35 & 4X5 negative projection printed to 16X20 max. Printing is custom done; $30.00 up to 5X7, $38.60 - 8X10, $80 - 16X20
Pricing for processing 35 to 120 format w/contact sheet: $15.00.  Sheet film:  4X5 $4.85; 5X7 $7.55, 8X10 $9.75, 11X14 $16.00 (sheet film larger then 4X5 is tray processed via inspection in PYRO HD).
Printing silver based is considerably less expensive, selenium toned for archival protection.
From your negative to a digital negative add 25% to all printing methods (except silver enlarging projection printing).
*These prices to include museum frame, 8 ply matt and art glass.
Please expect a three to four week turn around...