VISUAL PROSE Fine Arts B/W Photography
  Egyptian Walking Onion
  Harris Barn: 2013-2016
  Backyard Flora Series
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845 N Eldorado Avenue
Klamath Falls Oregon 97601
The "HARRIS BARN PROJECT" has been a three year endeavor beginning March 2013 with two unlikely events happening within forty five minutes of each other; first of course was the discovery of the barn and the second being the arrival of the owners.  Permission granted to photograph, rules stipulated and agreed upon, these images are a representation of my vision and sharing of that vision utilizing the historical photographic medium of platinum.
Well over two hundred negatives within the three years, a reminder of my childhood on a farm in rural Northern Sacramento Valley, barns, outbuilding dwelllings, not well documented photographically until my later years of returning home those occasional times; too late, now not mine to do.
I utilize large fromat 5x7 and 8x10 cameras, printed 1:1 on hand applied platinum emulsion onto mold made French papers, each printed individually using the process originally patented in early 1883.