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845 N Eldorado Avenue
Klamath Falls Oregon 97601
These images are from a 5X7 glass plate collection from the 1800's (my best guess).  I have to assume they are local to our DC metro area given the name of the boat "KANAKA".  They are not for sale but to demonstrate the Albumen process, a beautiful prosess of painstaking time and patience! Eash piece of paper has to be coated with a 'salted' egg albumen mixture and then coated with a silver nitrate solution.  After exposure they are cleared, fixed in a gold cloride (or platinum thought I've never used that metal), fixed twice and finally washed.
The 'Albumen' process was availabe until the 1990's when the 'Chicago Albumen Works' stopped producing 'Albumen' prepared paper; now people as myslef are required to do by hand as described above.
Four Generations
And doll makes eight (unidentified women and child)
Kanaka & unidentified crew members
skiff with unidentified personnel
Patricks Point State Park Folra
Kanaka and ice skaters; (unidentified persons)